Membership provides global medical transportation home to your hospital of choice if you are hospitalized while away from home.1 Benefits include transports for COVID-19 globally and domestically.

Worldwide travel security, crisis response, and evacuation services may be added to address a broad range of potential crises, including violent crime, terrorism, natural disaster, political threat, kidnapping, pandemics, and more.

Choose an annual, multi-year, or short-term membership (available in 8, 15, 21 and 30-day options).

Click here to learn more about membership for students away from home at college in the U.S. or abroad.

See FAQ below for more details, including discounted pricing.

1 Hospitalization must occur at least 150 miles from home.

Global Medical Transportation includes:

  • All expenses paid transport – hospital to hospital
  • Medical consultations
  • Language translation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Transports for COVID-19 related hospitalization globally and domestically.

Travel Security and Crisis Response adds another layer of international protection:

  • Enhanced medical assistance benefits
  • Travel security services
  • Crisis response, including political threat, natural disaster, pandemics, and more

Since 1971, Medjet has forged a global network of air medical transport and security response providers to meet traveler health and safety needs. With access to hundreds of air ambulances, commercial medical escorts, and highly trained security personnel, Medjet’s services are available 24/7 from domestic and international locations. Medjet handles transfers from start to finish, eliminating paperwork and delays that are common with other programs.

What makes this service unique?

Unlike most travel protection programs that transport you to the “nearest acceptable facility” this service brings you home. Transports are bedside-to-bedside.

With air ambulance affiliates worldwide, assistance is available any time of day, every day of the year. Once contacted, transport coordinators assess the situation, physicians evaluate patient status,  arrangements are made at the receiving hospital, and a medical escort is dispatched.

Who is eligible?

Memberships are available for residents of the U.S., Canada or Mexico, up to age 75, planning international trips less than 90 consecutive days at a time, and unlimited domestic travel.  Family plans are available for members, spouses, and up to five dependent children under age 23.

Diamond memberships are available for individuals age 75 to 84, and Platinum memberships for those 85+. Some limitations apply.

Collegiate memberships are available for students and faculty under 75 studying or teaching abroad.

Short term memberships are also available for individuals up to age 75 with protection provided during the selected travel period (available in 8, 15, 21 and 30-day options).

Group memberships can be arranged for business, family, and personal travel.  Contact us for details.

How do I enroll?

Simply enroll prior to travel. There are no medical cost caps, no claim forms, no preexisting conditions or adventure travel exclusions.

For those under age 75, there are no medical questions to enroll.

Diamond (75-84) and Platinum (85+) memberships require a brief health questionnaire and completed medical statement form.

What is the price of membership for Medical Transport only?

Short term memberships start at $99 for an 8-day trip.

Annual memberships (under age 75):

  • Individual $250 (regularly $295)
  • Family $340 (regularly $399)

Annual Diamond memberships (age 75-84): $385 (regularly $450)*

Annual Platinum memberships (age 85+): $859*

*Subject to medical approval

What is the price of membership for Medical Transport including Travel Security and Crisis Response?

Short term memberships start at $184 for an 8-day trip.

Annual memberships under age 75:

  • Individual $399 (regularly $444)
  • Family $515 (regularly $574)

Diamond: $534* (regularly $599)

Platinum: $859*

*Subject to medical approval


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